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How SuitShop Benefits from The Gorgias-Shopify Integrations to Provide Best Experience for Their Customers

2 hours
First response time
Previous helpdesk

Challenge: SuitShop previously used Gmail and Zendesk to manage support tickets. But soon learned that they needed an ecommerce helpdesk that aligns with their business model and supports their continuous growth.

Solution: Being amazed by Gorgias' Shopify integrations, the SuitShop team decided to make a switch. Since using Gorgias helpdesk, they decreased their average response time to 2 hours 18 minutes.

Launched initially as The Groomsman Suit in February 2016, SuitShop now has become the first suiting brand to offer coordinated collections of suiting for men, women, and children.

Recently the Gorgias team had an opportunity to talk with Katy Eriks, Director of Customer Experience (CX) at SuitShop, and learn more about how the brand has been implementing CX. According to Katy, SuitShop has built a high standard and specific guidelines on serving customers and maintaining excellent customer service, which leads to the brand's success.

"We know we have a great product, and we stand behind it. But number one for us is providing the best experience for our customers." - Katy Eriks, Director of CX

The Original System Wasn't Optimized for Ecommerce

When Katy joined SuitShop, everything involved Gmail. However, she soon realized that using Gmail to manage increased ticket volumes was challenging. The team then moved to Zendesk.

The SuitShop team's agents handled a lot of tickets using Zendesk. However, Katy observed some limitations about not seeing social comments in one place and slow Shopify integrations, which cost the team a lot of time.

"We're a small team, and every extra minute it takes one of our support team members to answer a ticket, the longer it takes us to get through to everyone reaching out. We don't like to have our customers waiting a long time for a reply." - Katy Eriks, Director of CX

Being responsible for overseeing SuitShop customer service operations and vetting new technologies to enhance CX as well as team efficiency, Katy decided to look for another helpdesk that is optimized for ecommerce and can help the brand offer the absolute best service possible.

"Our brand was built on ecommerce. A helpdesk that understands an ecommerce based business is essential, especially when you are receiving inquiries 24/7 from around the world." - Katy Eriks, Director of CX

Moving to Gorgias

When Katy learned about Gorgias, she took a demo call to learn more about the helpdesk. As soon as she heard about Gorgias' Shopify integrations, she was sold quickly.

"I was truly blown away during our call. The Shopify integrations were next level and way beyond any of the tools we currently had at our disposal. I knew within 10 minutes of our chat that we would be making a switch."

- Katy Eriks, Director of CX

Transitioning to Gorgias was a seamless process. Katy shared that the team found it easy to connect with their Shopify store, integrate with their Gmail addresses, link to their social media handles, etc.

They also leveraged Gorgias' help docs and training videos to familiarize their team members with the new platform. 

"We transitioned to Gorgias at the same time we were expanding our team, so for most of our customer service team members, Gorgias has been their first helpdesk platform."

- Katy Eriks, Director of CX

Take Advantage of Gorgias to Increase Customer Service Efficiency

Shopify integrations were SuitShop's main reason for migrating to Gorgias. The team has a dashboard with all Shopify order information right there in each ticket. They can quickly flip through emails to see what customers are talking about and communicate with them personally.

Katy also mentioned that they have begun using Gorgias Chat and they have been able to easily manage it. Taking advantage of the self-service feature, they have successfully narrowed down customers’ top questions and they are able to answer them before the customers move forward to chat with an agent.

"I love the ability to send photos within Gorgias Chat. Customers often ask us specific style questions and love to see examples of real people wearing our suits. It's great to be able to send them an image at real time."

- Katy Eriks, Director of CX

The team has also seen many benefits from Gorgias' social media integrations. Since using Gorgias, they've centralized all social media conversations into one place, saved a lot of time, and never missed any tags, mentions, or direct messages from anyone.

No matter where customers reach out to the team — Gorgias Chat, social, email, or text — they can respond quickly. Their average response time is 2 hours 18 minutes.

"Customers are always blown away by how easy it is to contact us about their orders, process an exchange, etc. We couldn't do it without Gorgias. They love a fast reply, and in most cases, our reply times are beyond what they expect."

- Katy Eriks, Director of CX

Additionally, SuitShop uses Gorgias reporting to keep all team members on track and ensure no one is overwhelmed. Looking at the data helps the team determine the gaps in their response time to schedule their team accordingly.

"If you have yet to add a helpdesk to your toolbox, I highly recommend Gorgias. The amount of time it saves you and the experience for your customers is worth every penny."

- Katy Eriks, Director of CX

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