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How Death Wish Coffee Hits Aggressive 200% Growth Goals by Using Machine Learning

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CHALLENGE: Aggressive growth goals to double their size in one of the most competitive industries.

SOLUTION: Use technology that has built in automations, and integrations with their current tech stack.

Company Overview

Death Wish Coffee Co. serves caffeine-deprived customers ultra-strong coffee. Founder Mike Brown discovered the perfect blend of beans and a unique roasting technique that can kickstart even the groggiest of mornings. From its humble beginnings as a small Saratoga Springs coffee shop, Death Wish Coffee Co. now sells its eye-popping coffee blends and merchandise to customers around the world. 

“We're all about the relentless pursuit of being the best that we can be as a business. Gorgias was the only solution that was actually going to allow us to take it to that level.”

- Caiden Tuller, Customer Relations Manager

Seamless integrations in a customized backend 

With an ambitious plan to expand business by 200%, Death Wish Coffee Co. had their work cut out finding a support tool that would help their small team handle an influx of new tickets. 

They previously used Zendesk, but found it couldn’t offer the level of support they needed on a daily basis. The challenges began to stack up (and up). On top of this, Zendesk’s API was clunky and it wasn’t easy to integrate the stack of Shopify apps that Death Wish Coffee Co. needed to run their business. 

When the brand realized that Gorgias integrates seamlessly with all their other apps such as Klaviyo,, and ReCharge, making the move was a no-brainer. They could essentially build a customized backend that allowed them to bring together every element of support in one convenient place. The ability to see the response stream in a timeline format helped them make each and every support response relevant. Not only this, but they could make real-time decisions based on information pulled in from key integrations. 

Cans of Death Wish Cold Brew Coffee in a backpack on a hike. Death Wish Coffee use Gorgias for Customer Support
Adding product lines, including cold brew and merch, is one tactic Death Wish Coffee uses to grow.

Statistics laid bare in a quick, eye-catching snapshot

The Death Wish Coffee Co. team didn’t have time to dive into complicated drill-down reports — their support team was (and is) small but mighty. They needed something that would give them instant insights at a glance. 

Gorgias’ intuitive and attractive interface was a complete one-eighty from Zendesk’s “archaic” backend. Before, the team had to dig around in multiple tools and in various different places to even begin to get an understanding of their customers’ needs. They had to carry out repetitive processes and tasks to mine information about their customers from each channel. This lost them a lot of time that could be spent elsewhere 

Now, everything is laid out for them in a chronological snapshot. The clickable button filter has been a particular highlight, giving them the chance to get top-level statistics in seconds. 

Built-in bot makes smart, time-saving decisions

With no internal IT team or internal auditors, freeing up time was crucial for Death Wish Coffee Co. Even releasing 10 or 15 minutes a day would give them more time to focus on growth.

The powerful duplicate order cancel and merge customer features have already saved the team a ton of time and made intuitive data cleaning a breeze. 

“Every time I have the opportunity to use the feature, it makes me excited because it’s so helpful.”

- Caiden Tuller, Customer Relations Manager

But it’s Gorgias’ built-in bot powering the Rules feature that has eased most of the pressure. The machine learning element quickly took the reins, allowing Death Wish Coffee Co. to send automated, relevant and — most importantly — human-like replies to their customers. 

In the future, Death Wish Coffee Co. would love to increase their one-touch ticket percentage, and they have put their full faith in Gorgias to help them achieve this. This will free up even more bandwidth for the team as they grow and reach their expansion goal. 

“The tool is able to make those smart decisions for us and make those replies for us, and that saves so much time. It's been incredible.”

- Caiden Tuller, Customer Relations Manager


Since moving to Gorgias, Death Wish Coffee Co. has managed to win back valuable lost time for their support team. Integrations with their suite of Shopify apps provide a seamless backend that pulls information from multiple different sources and serves it up in an intuitive way — no more digging through convoluted reports. Gorgias’ machine learning capabilities take the pressure off the small support team and provide small daily wins that keep on giving.

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