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The Girlfriend Doctor answers subscription tickets 40% faster with Loop Subscription and Gorgias

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Challenge: The Girlfriend Doctor’s CX team juggled multiple apps, backing up their inbox and causing delays.

Solution: With Gorgias + Loop integration, agents can see all the subscription information they need to quickly answer the ticket without having to switch apps or copy/paste information.

The Girlfriend Doctor®, led by CEO and founder,  Dr. Anna Cabeca (known as “Dr. Anna”) recently migrated to the Gorgias + Loop Subscription integration. Dr. Anna is a world-renowned Triple-Board Certified OB-GYN and best-selling author of  The Hormone Fix and Keto-Green 16 and her latest book, MenuPause.

The Girlfriend Doctor actively sells subscriptions and recently migrated from another legacy subscription app to Loop to give her brand’s subscribers a seamless experience.

She activated the Gorgias + Loop integration to:

  1. Reduce the time taken to resolve subscriber complaints
  2. Provide their subscribers a better experience
"The addition of the Loop subscription widget inside of our customer support Gorgias app has increased the quality of our support by eliminating steps in the process to support customers with their subscriptions. Faster support time is good for our business and most importantly improves our customer's experience with our brand!"

— Edith Terolli, Customer Experience Manager, The Girlfriend Doctor

Challenge: Slow ticket resolution process for subscriber queries

Last year, The Girlfriend Doctor was using a legacy subscription app that did not integrate with Gorgias, leading to problems like:

  1. Lack of context for support agents while solving subscription-related support tickets
  2. Lots of tab-switching between Gorgias and the legacy subscription app just to manage a single support ticket
  3. Slow response times due to this constant app-switching and copy-pasting
  4. backed-up inbox of tickets that kept agents from higher-value tickets

By the end, subscribers had to wait multiple days to resolve simple subscription requests (like rescheduling an order or skipping a delivery).

Solution: Super-fast support experience for subscribers by enabling better context

Loop’s integration with Gorgias stopped the tab-shuffling by displaying subscriber information inside Gorgias's ticket view, including:

  • Active subscriptions
  • Paused subscriptions
  • Cancelled subscriptions
  • Expired subscriptions
  • Next billing date
  • Subscription contents
  • Item price

This gives agents the context they need to answer questions, provide personalized service, and practice forward-resolution without having to switch apps or ask the customer follow-up questions. For instance, if a subscriber requests to cancel their subscription, the agent can see they have 7 past orders and can offer a reward on the next order to retain the subscriber.

With Gorgias + Loop integration, agents can also easily the customer's subscription link to access Loop Dashboard for that individual subscription. This saves so many clicks and search time.

Last, Gorgias can display multiple subscriptions under one customer and can easily check each subscription and send an appropriate response to the customer.

Result: Up to 40% faster responses

Integrating Loop and Gorgias makes Gorgias a one-stop shop for resolving subscription tickets.

Agents don’t have to browse through multiple tabs and search through multiple apps to get information about a subscriber. As a result, The Girlfriend Doctor's agents answer tickets up to 40% faster saving agent . This not just saves response time by up to 40% — a huge win for agents and customers alike.

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