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Subscriptions by Loop

Reduce resolution time of subscription tickets by 40%
Get Started With Gorgias
Exclusive offer for Gorgias customer: 1 month free, email sakshi.jain@loopwork.co to get started. Growth @99/month. No per order charges. 1% Transaction Fees: - Bundles - Smart Dunning. Enterprise @399/month. No per order charge. 0.75% Transaction Fees: - Loop flows - Dedicated account manager + tech support.

USPs of Loop X Gorgias Integration:

  • Get subscription data right inside the Gorgias interface right next to customer tickets
  • Quick action buttons inside the Gorgias interface for agents so that they do not leave the Gorgias workspace.
  • Agents can access customer portal directly with 1-click button
  • Agents can take action on behalf of subscribers to resolve tickets faster from Gorgias panels
  • Push emails to subscribers from Gorgias

Agents can find all the details about subscription order and take direct actions like editing the order, reschedule, duplicate etc right from the Gorgias interface.

Agents can access customer portal, take action on behalf of customers and send 1 click login link to the customers.

Agents can reduce ticket resolution time by up to 40% with ease of access on subscriber data and quick actions.