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How Sunski's Support Team of Two Reduces Their Response Time Using a Strong Shopify Integration

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CHALLENGE: Provide high-quality and personalized support while being a small team with a growing number of customers.

SOLUTION: Using Gorgias for dynamic and interactive customer relationship.

Company Overview

Sunski is a young online shop selling stylish, lightweight sunglasses for outdoor activities. Alicia is Sunskis’ customer support manager and explains how the Gorgias helpdesk has made their customer service more efficient and has provided their marketing team with resourceful insights on their customers’ needs.

"The Gorgias team has been so helpful: they’ve really made Gorgias tailored to what we need."
- Alicia, Customer Support Manager

A tailored customer support platform

Being a budding business with a small team, dealing with a growing number of customer queries has been an essential challenge for Sunski. The company decided to turn from Zendesk to Gorgias’ Shopify helpdesk just over a year ago to help them increase the support team's efficiency and improve customer experience overall.

With the help of the Gorgias team, Sunski customized their helpdesk platform to display the back office information the support team needs to get back to customers in no time. Thanks to the tight integration with Shopify, Alicia and her team are able to edit orders directly from Gorgias, without having to go to Shopify. This makes onboarding of new agents much easier, especially during the peak season.

Building a easy and dynamic customer relationship

Gorgias’ easily operated platform has helped Alicia’s team reply to tickets quickly, making customer relationship interactive and simple.

Their main concern was to deal with their increasing email flow, their primary communication channel with customers: their tickets mostly concern shipping queries, warranty issues and general information on their products. Gorgias’ option of tagging tickets according to their topic has helped the team deal with tickets systematically and reduce their response time.

Centralizing customer information in a single, straightforward application is also a valuable source of knowledge for Sunski’s marketing team: they have created an “ambassador” tag to reach out to customers who have given constructive feedback through customer support and with who they wish to discuss their needs and promote as brand ambassadors.


Sunski’s Gorgias account has exceeded their expectations through its comprehensiveness and easiness to use, making their customer service manageable even with a small team.

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