Lift revenue by 44% with 18 tactics that create happy customers

Our co-founders analyzed data from 10,000 ecommerce merchants and interviewed 25+ top DTC brands and found 18 tactics to transform CX into your brand’s greatest asset.

Lift revenue by 44% with 18 tactics that create happy customers
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Happy customers are the best fuel for growth

6 quick wins

Quickly lift revenue by 5%

8 operational changes

Save time and lift revenue by 33%

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Decrease operational costs and lift revenue by 6%




Customer experience is the new battleground for ecommerce brands. Not long ago, brands that built engines to attract lots of customers won. Now, brands that can provide an end-to-end experience that keeps customers happy (and coming back) win. We can attribute this shift to a handful of factors:

  • Customer acquisition and ad costs have skyrocketed to all-time highs
  • Customer expectations around brand values and experience are rising (and guiding more purchasing decisions)
  • Repeat customers generate 300% more revenue than first-time customers

This shift is an enormous opportunity for ecommerce brands, especially given that most brands on the market aren’t sure how to develop and maintain a customer experience that drives revenue. That’s why we sat down with 25+ top ecommerce brands and analyzed data from 10,000+ merchants: To give you concrete and actionable tactics to satisfy customers, streamline your customer service, and power your growth.

In this ebook, you’ll learn exactly why happy customers are the best fuel for growth, and get tried-and-true strategies like:

  • Proactively live chatting shoppers to reduce cart abandonment → ~13% lift in revenue
  • Add reviews to product pages to improve conversion rates → 1.5% lift in revenue
  • Resolve customer service inquiries within 6 hours to improve customer satisfaction → 2% lift in revenue

“As the world has moved online and as commerce has had its second renaissance, the side effect is that customer acquisition costs have risen to enormous levels. The clear solution for brands is to increase their repeat rates and increase customer lifetime value.” — Carl Rivera, VP of Shop, Shopify
[Ebook] CX-Driven Growth Playbook

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