CX UNLOCKED Guidebook by Eli Weiss

From first impressions to lasting loyalty. A comprehensive guide packed with everything you need to create magical experiences.

CX UNLOCKED Guidebook by Eli Weiss
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What's Inside


Building and managing CX teams

Tips for crafting a remarkable CX team, starting with your first hire. Eli also shares techniques to maintain team enthusiasm and engagement.

Great customer experiences aren’t expensive

How to shift your CX program from mediocre to memorable without breaking the bank.

How to handle common challenges in CX

Practical guidance for overcoming obstacles by embracing individuality, fostering a positive mindset, setting relevant KPIs, and empowering CX teams.

Drive revenue with great CX

Eli explores how swift problem-solving and data-driven retention strategies nurture long-term relationships, enhance customer loyalty, and boost financial growth.

Automation and the future of CX

Where Eli sees automation playing a more impactful role.



A note from the author:

Dear CXer,

Within these pages, we'll take a deep dive into the heart and soul of CX, unraveling the mission and vision of genuine CX excellence.

Brace yourself to challenge conventional thinking and embrace fresh perspectives, with practical and accessible solutions to set your CX team up for success.

This guidebook is dedicated to all the forward-thinking individuals who, much like myself, recognized the urgency of a fresh perspective in CX. 

I hope you enjoy it.

[Ebook] CX Unlocked

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