Customer service hiring doesn’t have to be overwhelming

Snag this unique 6-step framework from a CEO who’s hired hundreds of agents (plus a template to make the process simple)

Customer service hiring doesn’t have to be overwhelming
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What's Inside


Bad customer service will kill your brand


Great hiring processes can accelerate growth


Assess your needs


Create a target hire persona


Create a job posting that sells


Screen applicants async


Conduct two interviews to assess fit


Reference check for more context

Many brands consider customer service to be a low-leverage and low-skill role: Agents simply answer tickets and escalate all higher-leverage work to other teams. Right? Not quite. Customer service interact with your customers and drive growth by: 

  • Offering proactive and pre-sales support to boost conversion rates
  • Acting as sales consultants, recommending products to upsell and cross-sell customers
  • Building self-service resources and automation to scale your customer experience
  • Resolving customer issues to raise your win-back rate
  • Managing VIP relationships to boost customer loyalty
  • Encouraging loyal customers to leave reviews and refer others, driving new business

Of course, all of that is only possible if you hire A-players who can push beyond simple issue resolution, obsess over elevating the customer experience, and drive revenue for the business.

That’s why we’re here.

We partnered with Jon Tucker, CEO of, an agency that’s helped over 100 brands hire high-impact customer service agents to put together this resource. In the ebook, we document and share his unique framework, which includes a target hire persona template, and tips to create and distribute an effective job posting, and a unique interview format that actually shows you a candidate’s potential.

My goal is to help you or your hiring managers simplify your customer service hiring process, find high-impact customer service professionals, and transform your brand’s customer service from a frustrating cost center to a seamless and scalable revenue driver. — Jon Tucker, CEO at
[Ebook] Hiring for customer service

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