What is the best Zendesk alternative for online stores?

First off, Zendesk has done an amazing job of pioneering the customer support software industry. Secondly, evaluating Gorgias vs. Zendesk or looking for Zendesk alternative, is already the right thing to offer exceptional customer support.

So what’s the differences between Gorgias and Zendesk?

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Difference #1

Gorgias was founded for Ecommerce, not Zendesk

Zendesk solves support issues across industries, from your internet provider and bank, to some of the word's companies with support teams bigger than your whole company.

Gorgias is 100% dedicated to ecommerce. This focus allows us to create the best help desk possible for your online store with deep ecommerce features for both Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce.

Gorgias streamlines support, not overloads it

Difference #2

Don't waste time switching between Zendesk and your other ecommerce tools. It's painfully slow, and increases the likelihood of errors moving info into a ticket manually.

Gorgias brings all of your channels into one place and uses advanced machine learning to pull in key data like shipping information and auto-populating responses. It's like turning on autopilot.

Difference #3

Gorgias supports merchants, no matter your size

We wouldn't build the best help desk if we weren't obsessed with delivering an outstanding customer experience.

When you become a Gorgias customer, we take care of you whether you're a solopreneur or an international DTC brand. Our on-boarding and training resources are 100% free and tailored to your needs.

Difference #4

Gorgias pricing is understandable, and fair

We don't penalize you for adding more users, encourage unsafe practices like sharing seats, or set our pricing with complex formulas like the number of users multiplied by the number of apps divided by the number of years in the contract.

Gorgias pricing is based on total number tickets each month. Unlimited users, orders, apps, and stores are included in your plan. No paying for features or seats you only need sometimes.

All of our plans are offered month-to-month. Long term contracts don't help your business keep up with rapidly changing customer expectations.

Ecommerce is in our DNA. Features made for online shopping.

Live chat

Talk to your visitors in real time through live chat to increase your website conversion rate. You can even trigger live chat campaigns based on the URL to engage in conversation automatically.

Ticketing system

Centralize all your customer communication in one place. Connect your social media accounts,  support email addresses, phone numbers and answer to all tickets without leaving your helpdesk.

Social media posts and ads

Never miss an opportunity to sell on social media again. Integrate your Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram accounts to respond to comments from posts and ads in one place.


Create template answers to respond faster to the most common and repetitive questions. Write a message once with custom data variables and save it as a macro to reuse it automatically

Auto responder

Create rules to handle common questions like "Where is my order?" By combining rules and macros, our customers automate up to 40% of support activity with highly-personalized answers.

Intent and sentiment detection

Gorgias uses machine learning to detect Customer Intents (what they're asking) like shipping updates, refund polices, and exchange requests. You can then set up automatic replies or route the tickets with tags.

Support and revenue statistics

Track support agent metrics like ticket volume, response time, and resolution time. Fine-tune your revenue strategies with stats on pre-sale tickets, converted tickets, and total sales.

Multi-store connection

Connect all your Shopify stores into Gorgias. Centralize all tickets from all your stores in one place to save time by centralizing all your tickets from all your stores in one place.

Designed for ecommerce,
built for your entire stack

Are we really the best Zendesk alternative for Ecommerce? Don't take our word for it.

Jonathan Kennedy
Zendesk is overkill for 95% of Shopify merchants. I think Gorgias has come in and set a high standard.
Adedayo Charis
Gorgias is awesome, we made the switch two months from Zendesk and it has been one the best decisions we've made.
Pat Haggerty
We’re moving to Gorgias at the beginning of the year. I can’t wait to leave Zendesk in the dust. I’ve been on that platform since 2010! 😢
Megan Whitman
We recently switched from Zendesk to Gorgias! My team loves it. The gorgias team helped setup a lot of the macros before the official switch, so the process was seamless. We've been on gorgias for about 2-3 months, and the team really loves it. I was also worried about the per ticket fees, but they don't count some of the automated messages. Happy to put you in touch with the team if you want more specifics!
Ryan Jones
Big fan of Gorgias after shifting from ZenDesk. We felt like ZenDesk was a bit of overkill for us - being such a large, enterprise solution - we weren't using enough of it to really warrant it. Gorgias looks and feels like Shopify, and to be honest, has what feels to be a superior integration with both Shopify and other elements, like Smile Loyalty etc, that we use regularly.
Rajiv Doshi
Love gorgias for the simple interface and pricing vs. Zendesk. It’s also great that all emails, chats, fb messages appear in one inbox for us to respond to.
Pearl Chiu
You should definitely consider making the switch! It was a great move for us to move to Gorgias from Zendesk at the time. I'd say that Zendesk has more powerful reporting and analytics, but Gorgias made our team faster and more efficient. They really keep things simple for you!
Dylan Whitman
Gorgias 💯 (to be transparent I am an investor) but I invested because it’s phenomenal!
Nicholas Kinports
Gorgias 100%. Dm me if you want to see our setup, we manage 2-400 new tickets on a average day.
Jeremy Ullrich
Just moved from Zendesk to Gorgias. Better in every respect
Jon Tucker
Gorgias has a killer workflow / interface for these things, compared to Zendesk and other systems. Even at a higher price point, the efficiencies on your CS team will end up saving a lot of time as you scale. Run the numbers based on average handle time etc., and multiply that out against your ticket volume, and multiply by your CS average hourly rate... that will sell you on the higher price point ; )
Tance Hughes
I HIGHLY recommend Gorgias. We migrated from zendesk and it was such a better experience on Gorgias. You won’t regret it!
Tom Hintze
We moved from Zendesk to Gorgias ourselves, that’s the beauty with Gorgias, so user friendly, rather than a chunky enterprise solution like zendesk. Gorgias will be able to assist also
Matthew Bertulli
UI/UX is better in Gorgias. My team loves it over ZenDesk. They've been way more efficient / productive.
Tom Hintze
We are PLUS merchant and moved away from zendesk to GORGIAS, the team and support is unreal, integration is amazing, and additional chat, features etc is all super easy, highly recommend

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