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Avery Gomes
Hi, I accidentally placed an order to my old address. Can you ship it to my new one instead? 123 Alphabet St.
AI Agent
Hi Avery!

No worries at all, I can definitely help out.

We’re still packing your order #512455 so I was able to update the shipping address. It should arrive at 123 Alphabet St. by Wednesday, July 17th.
Is the response accurate?
AI Agent USED:
Guidance: Update Address Pre-Fufillment
Knowledge: Shipping times
Order Data: #512455
Ticket events
Tagged VIP Customer Address Update
Update Address
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The Gorgias AI Roadmap for 2024

Our goal is to help all ecommerce brands fully automate 60% of their CX. Here is what we’re building to make that possible.

We believe that successful automation means your team will shift from answering tickets to coaching and monitoring AI. This doesn’t mean that humans are removed from the equation. Instead Agents will spend time improving automation and being proactive with customers to help them find the right products and drive revenue for your brand.

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