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November 25, 2015
Chrome extension

We've been busy, but not deaf!

Last few months we got lots of feedback about our extension and found to our delight that most people are satisfied, but still a few recurrent issues came up:

  • The HTML/WYSIWYG editor sucks.
  • No support for Outlook.com.

We listened and now we're presenting:

  • A brand new editor
  • Support for outlook.com
  • More on the Rich-Text editor

WYSIWYG editors for the web are notoriously buggy and are just difficult to develop.

I have yet to see one that is bug free. There are few venerable editors that do a good job like TinyMCE, FKEditor or CKEditor.. but they are big and all have edge cases that break the intended formatting and add a lot of garbage html.

There are newer good quality editors in town such as Redactor. The one that got my attention and finally landed in Gorgias is this wonderful editor called which is super lightweight, uses modern content-editable (no i-frames) and 'just works' most of the time. That's not to say it's perfect, but it's good enough and I'm satisfied with it's direction in terms of development.

Enjoy it and as always send us bug-reports or feedback on: support@gorgias.io

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