The easiest way to add phone support
to your store

Provide a convenient voice channel for your customers while allowing your agents to stay focused in a single helpdesk.

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Faster resolutions for your customers
& convenience for your agents

Connect callers to their shopping accounts, automatically

Take the guesswork out of who you’re talking to so you can solve customer questions faster. We’ll display a caller’s Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento history based on their phone number, so you can quickly get the details on their order history, status, and needs.

Manage all customer questions in one place

We get it: Some customers like to message you on Facebook, send an email, and then leave a voicemail...all within 5 minutes. When you’re ready to call them back, you’ll have all this information in one place; no need to open a third-party app just to manage phones!

Resolve calls faster (and make your customers happier)

Take live phone calls in your browser, return voicemails, or easily move a conversation to a digital channel like email. Our customers using phones have an average resolution time that's 34% faster than customers without voice support. However your support team works best, it’s easy to communicate with the customer and resolve their questions. 

Set your team and business hours for flexible scheduling

You’re in charge of which agents on your team receive phone calls each day, and during what hours. Whether you offer 24/7 phone support or only 9-5 on Mondays, you’ll be able to customize your support availability and voicemail settings. *Available on our Advanced plan and above

Record calls to help your support team level up

Repurpose your best conversations when onboarding new agents or training them on how to handle tricky situations. You’ll help them provide better support, and help your customers get a better experience!

Offer top-tier support
with a simple phone solution

Manage phone numbers

Get started in minutes with a brand new US or Canadian number, or forward calls from an existing number to Gorgias (so there’s no disruption to customers). 

Manage phone calls

Accept inbound calls, make outbound calls, or send calls to another agent or voicemail. Create the workflow that works best for your team!

Manage voicemails

Create your own custom voicemail for each number you manage, to customize the experience or direct customers to another channel for support. 

Customize how calls are assigned

You can adjust your settings to ring all users simultaneously or assign calls to a specific team or agent, so the customer always gets to the right member of your team. 

Team-based routing

Automatically route phone calls to members of a team. Calls will round-robin through all available agents so you never miss a call and your customers get the help they need.

Use one helpdesk for all channels

When you’re calling a customer back, you’ll know if they’ve also emailed you or left social media comments, so you have all the context you need right in one place. 

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voice support

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