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Want to offer exceptional customer support? Follow this playbook


Offer as many communication
channels as possible

Today your customers are everywhere, so let them contact you through their favorite channels. Gorgias centralizes all tickets in one place to save your time. Stop switching between tools all day long!

Get to know your customers

How can you deliver great support quickly without context? Connect your BigCommerce store to display all customers' details  close to the tickets and stop asking them for the information you already have.

Classify tickets to prioritize support

Facial expression and tone of voice are nice clues IRL but are lacking in online interactions. Gorgias detects sentiments and intents of each message and tells you if a ticket is positive or urgent, if it's a question about a refund or a product, and prioritze tickets automatically.

Automate answers each time it can be

How many times do you receive questions like "Where is my order"?  Gorgias allows you to respond automatically to recurring questions by including relevant customer variables in the answer.

Provide manual support faster

Support is a great way to get close to your customers, but sometimes lacks efficiency. Gorgias has macros, assignment rules, and customers' variables insertion to save your support team and customers time

Track support performance

How can you improve customer experience without insight into performance? Gorgias brings the most important KPIs to the forefront. Measure first-response time, one-touch tickets, and ticket resolution time all in one dashboard. Analyze the whole team's performance and take your support to the next level.

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“Gorgias gives us a holistic view of our customers. This way, we can provide them with fast and personalized help.”
Nicole Snow,  Founder & CEO @ Darn Good Yarn

Gorgias, the first help desk 100% dedicated to ecommerce

Live chat

Talk to your visitors in real time through live chat to increase your website conversion rate. You can even trigger live chat campaigns based on the URL to engage in conversation automatically.

Ticketing system

Centralize all your customer communication. Connect your social media accounts,  support email addresses, phone numbers, and answer to all tickets without leaving your helpdesk.

Social media posts and ads

Never miss an opportunity to sell on social media again. Integrate your Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram accounts to respond to comments from posts and ads in one place.


Create template answers to respond faster to the most common and repetitive questions. Write a message once with custom data variables and save it as a macro to reuse it automatically

Auto responder

Create rules to handle common questions like "Where is my order?" By combining rules and macros, our customers automate up to 40% of support activity with highly-personalized answers.

Intent and sentiment detection

Gorgias uses machine learning to detect Customer Intents (what they're asking) like shipping updates, refund polices, and exchange requests. You can then set up automatic replies or route the tickets with tags.

Support and revenue statistics

Track support agent metrics like ticket volume, response time, and resolution time. Fine-tune your revenue strategies with stats on pre-sale tickets, converted tickets, and total sales.

Multi-store connection

Connect all your BigCommerce stores into Gorgias. Centralize all tickets from all your stores in one place to save time by centralizing all your tickets from all your stores in one place.

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