Introducing a Template Editor

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February 24, 2015
Chrome extension

Did you know that you can use the email recipient’s name in your templates? Or that you can add images?

We’ve been getting an increasing number of questions on how to achieve these tasks, so we’ve decided to make it super easy to use. Today, we are happy to introduce a new template editor!

It enables you to create more sophisticated templates. You can use basic typography options, insert links or images, and… variables!

I’d like to pause here for a second, since variables can make your life a lot easier.
If you always start your emails with “Hello Megan”, or “Dear Sebastian”, you can create a template that includes a variable. Gorgias provides several kinds of variables: first name & email, for recipient & sender. You can also use the email subject inside your template.

We hope this new editor will help you leverage Gorgias to save even more time!

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