Easily modify any Shopify customer order with a helpdesk

Increase your ecommerce website’s efficiency with a helpdesk solution. Manage Shopify orders from your help desk, provide order tracking, shipping information, in one click.

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Provide customer service across all channels using a single app

Connect your support emails, social media and more in a single support app. You can connect as many Shopify stores as you want.

Gain productivity and speed with smart autoresponders and automation

Use intelligent macros that automatically pull variables from other apps. You can then add a bit of personalization and respond to the customer within seconds.

Get a holistic view of you customers

Merchants usually need to switch between multiple apps to respond to customer requests.

Pull data from all of them directly inside Gorgias, so your team immediately understands the customers context. Then, your agents can refund orders, edit shipping addresses in one click.

Edit, cancel, or change a Shopify customer order without leaving Gorgias

As an online retailer, you need to have support channels everywhere to provide the best customer experience. However, your live chat, Facebook comments, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Gmail, and other communication channels are all on different pages. This means constantly monitoring multiple pages in order to collect customer information and provide order tracking updates. If you need to edit a customer order on Shopify for the customer, you have to sign into your Shopify store account and edit the order manually.

Gorgias is a help desk that can help you to know your customer better, and change how you provide customer support for your ecommerce website. It can:

- Organize social media channels to a single location, creating and organizing support tickets to improve response time and efficiency

- Allow you to directly edit a customer order on Shopify from the support channel, including cancelling, refunding, reordering, and more to save time

- Use automated messages to provide shipping information and answer to customer requests like “where is my order?”

- Integrate with some of the best shopify apps - recharge, shipstation, swell, yotpo, and more - to follow up on and edit Shopify customer orders and shipping information

Your Shopify store depends on the customer experience to be successful, and improving the efficiency of your support channels with automation is one of the very best ways to do so. With Gorgias, you can edit a Shopify customer order directly, view customer information, and more to make your ecommerce website the best it can be.

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Easily modify any Shopify customer order with a helpdesk

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