New in Gorgias: Customize your sidebar, rules & better statistics

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November 22, 2016

Hey support folks!

This month, we're introducing a few exciting features in Gorgias:

Customize your sidebar

To offer excellent support, you need information about your customers. Now you can completely customize your sidebar, and choose the customer data you want to display next to tickets.

Automate workflow with rules

Sometimes, you want to prioritize tickets with a given subject, or assign them to someone in your team. Rules enable you to automate workflows.

Better statistics

In order for you to track the most popular topics, the efficiency of your team and your progress over time, we've added new metrics along with a breakdown per tag, agent and channel.

Merge users

When a customer contacts you on Facebook Messenger, their Shopify information doesn't automatically show up. We automatically search for the customer's profile on Shopify. If we find their Shopify account, you can merge the 2 users and edit the Shopify account directly from Gorgias.

Variables and attachments in macros

Macros are a convenient way to respond faster to customers. You can now insert variables in the macro text, and add attachments to them.

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What's next? We're adding an out of the box Shopify integration, improving the way you can manage views, and improving the chat notifications.


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