With Ada, you can invite your marketing, sales and support teams to collaborate in a holistic CX strategy across the pre and post-purchase journeys to save costs, increase revenue, and drive brand loyalty.

The industry-leading conversational AI solution that empowers eCommerce brands to automate customer experiences for a better, hyper-personalized shopping journey.

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  • Contact Ada for pricing


With Ada, you can provide personalized interactions around the clock for your customers and boost your bottom line - all without increasing headcount.


- Robust integration with Gorgias enabling ticket automation and handoff to live agents

- Achieve 80% containment rate for customer inquiries like WISMO, product details, returns policy, and more

- Reserve human agents for high-value moments

- Increase average order value, sales and revenue with proactive and retargeted marketing campaigns, personalized product recommendations, improved checkout experience

- Scale your international business with multilingual support in 100+ languages

- Amplify your social reach to customers with Ada’s quick deployment across social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Line, and more

- No-code bot-building platform with industry-leading NLP & ML models to empower non-technical CX teams to build and train a smart AI chatbot in 30 days

- No-code, flexible integrations to easily connect your eCommerce tech stack with Ada

Use cases:

- WISMO inquiries automation

- Detects customer behaviors and proactively targets with tailored promotional campaigns like free shipping offers, BOGO offers, and discount coupons

-Collects customer information and convert into support ticket in Gorgias

-Automatically recommends products based on browsing history, items in cart, and past purchases

- Converts refund requests into exchanges to retain sales

- Understands customer needs and connects them to the right customer support department (stylist, post-sales services, etc.)

“Thanks to Gorgias, my customer service team has been able to increase customer satisfaction and drive customer loyalty.
Dave Szymaszek, Head of Customer Experience @ Marine Layer
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We’ve stopped hunting and matching Facebook users to customer accounts on Shopify. The information we need is surfaced so we can respond better and faster.
Guita Gopalan, Chief Revenue Officer @ Ellana
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“I like the pricing structure: in a startup, everybody should be an agent. Zendesk charges per agent. Gorgias' pricing is smarter.”
Danny Taing, Founder & CEO @ Bokksu
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“With all the Gorgias integrations, my team doesn't need to jump between tools. This has helped us dramatically improve customer satisfaction.”
Amanda, Director of Operations @ Darn Good Yarn
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