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Business Assistant empowered by GPT
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SaaS mode, pay-as-you-use, no hidden fees! (Contact sales if your prefer flat rate). $0.05 per AI interaction for base engine (perfectly suitable for FAQ cases). $0.15 per AI interaction for advanced engine (preferred for high requirement, complex and sentimental cases).

Aissist.io, partnered with OpenAI, brings you the most powerful Business Assistant, customized to your brand and equipped with the ability to automate any task it’s given.

Start an AI journey with Aissist.io at as low as $0.05 per interaction and in a snap of 10 min. Sign up today for a free trial (no credit card needed), or contact sales@aissist.io for free consultation. Learn more about how Aissist.io works.

  • Resolve sales and service at a performance of 70% - 95% accomplish rate;
  • Auto-escalate the rest with summary and next steps;
  • Create any customized tag in one sentence of description - keep your inbox organized;
  • Continuously improve by learning from live examples and human experts;
  • Automatically update your systems to achieve full-loop automation;
  • Generate insight on customers and business improvements with one click.