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Manually changing Recharge account information for subscribers takes time and effort. You have to ask a series of questions to understand exactly what they want and execute it.

Providing instructions for them to do it themselves isn’t always a great subscriber experience. They may get tripped up navigating the steps. Or distracted.

Enter the ARPU Gorgias integration, which provides the optimal option between two extremes: providing subscribers multi-step instructions to complete an action or doing it for them manually.

With ARPU, customer success teams can quickly generate and send links to quick, no-login-required flows for subscribers to self-serve when they need to make changes to their Recharge subscriptions. Each flow is optimized for completion rates and can be completed in a few quick clicks (or taps).

These secure links take subscribers through quick, intuitive flows to complete specific actions. They can be set to expire after a set number of days. [For security, modifications are limited and do not allow address changes or access to payment information.]

Use ARPU with Gorgias to help subscribers quickly:

  • Delay next charge/shipment
  • Ship subscription now
  • Swap product variants
  • Add a 1-time purchase to next shipment
  • Add subscription product
  • Send someone a gift
  • Manage account in Recharge

You can use ARPU flow links with Gorgias automations to deflect tickets or manually generate links to these flows (just click the flow you’d like to link to and a default message will appear in your response).

Example of common requests that can be resolved with automated responses and ARPU actions:

  • A subscriber message mentions that they need to reschedule their subscription and uses a word like “vacation,” “delay,” or “pause.” Gorgias can send a response like, “If you’d like to delay your next shipment, that’s no problem at all. Click here to pick a date that works for you.”

With ARPU, you can offer subscribers exceptional service they expect, but with less hassle.

Coming Soon:

  • The ability to send a link to a flow to quickly claim a free item.
  • Flows reps can use to complete actions on behalf of the subscriber (add a free item, generate a coupon, delay the order for the customer)