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Track Bigblue orders in Gorgias
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The app Bigblue+Gorgias is totally free to use if you have a Bigblue account

The best fulfillment solution for e-commerce brands

Hundreds of brands leverage our warehouse network in Europe to scale their operations effortlessly and build a delivery experience that boosts sales.

Bigblue's technology allows brands to offer prime-like deliveries, branded tracking e-mails, a return portal, and much more. Every order is automatically prepared in our enterprise-grade logistics network. It has never been that easy to connect multiple sales channels and ship worldwide.

Contact our team to learn more about Bigblue and request a demo.

Give superpowers to your support team

With the Bigblue App for Gorgias, you can:

  • Display Bigblue data directly in your Gorgias sidebar
  • Automatically create alerts for delivery issues and proactively solve them
  • Easily escalate an issue to Bigblue for carrier delays or lost parcels