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Streamline your customer service with Gorgias and Brightpearl.
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$150 per month

The integration of Gorgias, an emerging leader in customer support helpdesk software, with Brightpearl’s comprehensive Retail Operating Solution, revolutionizes your online selling strategy. This synergy creates a synchronized and centralized dashboard that significantly enhances the efficiency of managing customers and orders, facilitating a smooth transition to a robust multichannel sales environment. The integration is essential for businesses seeking to enhance their customer support while maintaining efficient operational workflows and offers many key benefits:

  • Seamlessly update order information between Brightpearl and Gorgias, equipping your customer service team with real-time order data. This enables them to quickly address customer inquiries and offer exceptional support.
  • Reduced manual data Entry
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction by proving faster and more accurate support, business can improve the satisfaction level and reduce customer churn