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Certainly is a Conversational AI chatbot platform made especially for eCommerce, that enables DTC eCommerce brands to increase sales and improve customer experience.
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The integration with Gorgias enables tickets automation and handover to live agents.

  • 24/7 multilingual support
  • Deflect support tickets of most frequently asked questions such as WISMO, returns, size, product information
  • Collect zero-party data and understand why an end-user is visiting your webshop and what’s important at that moment. Use this to either drive sales through the conversation via the chatbot or use the zero-party data for retargeting later, drive loyalty and grow customer lifetime value.
  • Supports the active buying intent by helping end-users find the right product, in the right context (sizing, gifting, upsell/cross sell, etc.)
  • Assist with checkout and payment - Pre-empt cart abandonment with supportive conversations, ask to join loyalty programs, etc.​
  • No-code bot building platform, for business-line people.
  • Integrates with all your eCommerce tech stack with our pre-made, no-code webhook templates.

Average Results with Certainly:

  • 18% Conversion rate increase
  • 40% Average order value increase
  • 31% Customers reaching checkout increase
  • 50% Lower bounce rate
  • 50+% Support tickets deflection
  • Increase of CSAT & NPS

Use cases: 

  • Supports the customer buying journey
  • Provides product recommendations based on customer behaviors and intent.
  • Dynamic support, upselling and returns handling
  • For Fashion & Apparel brands, helps users with size guides and reduces returns
  • WISMO + many other inquiries automation
  • Collects customer information and convert it into support ticket in Gorgias
  • Understands customer intent and connects them to the right customer support department