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Chatdesk provides US-based superfans of your brand who deliver personalized and on-demand support (e.g., social moderation, pre-sale questions, order status) across Facebook/IG/TikTok, email, and chat.
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From $99/month

Chatdesk is for brands who need additional support agents for social moderation and responding to Gorgias email and chat messages, particularly during after hours and peak times. Chatdesk helps companies find super fans of their brand (e.g., customers, brand enthusiasts), who work alongside the support team to deliver personalized customer care (e.g., pre-sale questions, order status, social moderation).

With the Gorgias and Chatdesk integration you can: 

- Increase sales by answering pre-sales questions, FAQs and repetitive tickets. Responses perfectly match your brand voice from day one.

- Personalize responses from US-based super fans of your brand. Many are your customers or industry experts!

- Respond fast, 24/7 to all your Facebook, Instagram comments, DMs, Chat and Emails. Respond fast during after hours and peak times