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Dedication Agents

AI Meets HI - Customer Service Melding The Best Of Both Worlds
Get Started With Gorgias
You can get started with Dedication Agents AI for FREE! Get 20 Tickets/Month handled by our AI for free, forever. Human agent plans starting at $55/month. Both scale as you grow.

The future is AI + HI - human Gorgias trained e-com customer service agents, supported by artificial intelligence (Chat-GPT). You can choose between a fully AI powered customer service experience, a 100% HI (human intelligence) customer service team, or a hybrid customer service setup utilizing the best of both worlds.

Dramatically speeds up client onboarding, going from potentially hours down to seconds, with a simple click of a button.

Track your ticket usage right from the dashboard and view the cost of any additional tickets for that billing cycle.

Leverage Chat-GPT to respond to customer emails. Upload docs & URLs with company FAQs and info, and our AI uses it to respond to customer inquiries. Currently in Beta.