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FLATLAY is the end-to-end social commerce automation platform for brands, creatives & customers.

The platform provides publishing tools for anyone to start a digital storefront in seconds while empowering brands and retailers with a workflow portal to activate a community of customers and advocates to source content from to fuel sales.


- Engage and manage customers and creatives participating in your content loyalty program

- Easily assign and manage tickets to social commerce campaigns and custom promotions

- Track social media campaign sales across all your social channels in one place


All sponsored campaigns are supported with performance analytics within the workflow portal. Brands and retailers use the business portal to manage their own customized network of customers, brand advocates or influencers that they can hire for sponsored content while ensuring brand safety. The creator recommendation engine helps to identify and source new brand advocates from various social channels while streamlining communication with any advocates all within their dashboard.

Premium Partner Benefits:

  • Search, discover and identify millions of creatives, influencers and customers to invite into your community and work with them to partner with your brand
  • Millions of people tagging @flatlay #flatlay daily supporting organic exposure and content creation
  • A passionate community of creatives across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest ready to work with you.
  • The ability to work with any creative or influencer of your choosing with true accountability towards your Content Loyalty Program.
  • Review content before it goes live with the ability to request edits to make sure it's brand safe!
  • Split costs associated with influencer activations by working alongside complimentary brands or retailers on campaign briefs.
  • Pay as you go as you begin to scale your community and the amount of content you begin to source month over month.