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Gatsby: Ambassador Manager

Manage a high-volume ambassador program with automations
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By adding this integration, you'll be able to see customer data on your Instagram DM support tickets.

Have you noticed how your support tickets that come in via Instagram DM don't include the customer's email address? As a result, your DM support tickets don't include any of the Shopify or Klaviyo data you have your customers, which means support issues take longer to resolve, and some tickets get lost, never syncing back to the customer record.

Gatsby solved this issue by working directly with the Gorgias team to build an integration that merges support tickets based on matching social handles.

So now when you have a customer send you an Instagram DM with a support issue, both Gatsby and Gorgias will generate a ticket, and you can set a rule to auto-merge the tickets together. The Gatsby ticket includes the person's email address. The Gorgias ticket includes the functionality to respond back via DM. Merge the tickets together and you have bridged the gap.

In addition to merging tickets based on social handle, the Gatsby integration will also sync over Instagram and TikTok info to the support ticket. ie: let your support reps know how many followers a customer has, or if they have mentioned the brand in content recently, so they know how active and supportive of a customer they are. This opens up opportunties and insights to turn Support into a revenue driver as well, encouraging influential customers to share good experiences with their followers.