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Trusted by thousands of brands, merchants, and agencies, the Glew platform is built for ecommerce, allowing you to connect, transform and visualize all your data in one convenient interface.

We provide all the business intelligence you need to grow your business through intuitive dashboards and automated alerts.

Specially designed to support ecommerce analytics, Glew integrates with leading ecommerce apps and other popular tools so you can easily stay on top of your key numbers.

Connecting Glew and Gorgias allows you to analyze your Gorgias data in Glew alongside multichannel data from your other connected integrations. Create custom reports through our bundled Mode license, or your BI tool of choice, using data from Gorgias and across your tech stack, to get insight into your customer support performance and how it impacts the rest of your business.

With this integration, you can see snapshots of:

  • Tickets created during a time period
  • Avg score during a time period
  • Number of open tickets in a time period
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Tickets by Channel
  • Tickets by hour
  • Average tickets by day of the week
  • Tickets created/solved by date
  • Created tickets and revenue
  • Created tickets and orders
  • Tickets by resolution time
  • Tickets by agent replies

See tickets broken down by agent for: 

  • Open Tickets
  • Closed Tickets
  • Average time
  • Agent replies
  • Average score

And much, much more!