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Track and manage your Hive shipments directly in Gorgias.
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Hive empowers Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands like yours to effortlessly automate their operations to manage freight, fulfillment, delivery, packaging, and returns. We provide the mission control software for you to manage all of your operations in one place.

Operating seamlessly across Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and UK, Hive’s expansive network of fulfillment centers means your products are always near your customers. You can reach almost all European customers within just two days.

Here’s how Hive enhances your customer support experience with Gorgias:

- Streamlined data integration: Seamlessly sync customer and order information associated with your Hive account into Gorgias, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring you have access to the most up-to-date details.

- Customer sidebar integration: Display critical data from Hive within the Gorgias Customer Sidebar, providing your support team with instant access to order and shipment information, enhancing ticket resolution efficiency.

- Historical order retrieval: Retrieve historical orders from Hive directly within Gorgias, ensuring you can see all of your customer’s interactions and orders.

- Effortless order management: With just one click, access the ‘Order Details’ page in Hive through the integration’s deep link functionality, simplifying order management and reducing the time needed to resolve customer inquiries.