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Manifest AI Chatbot

ChatGPT powered AI chatbot for increasing revenue
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Manifest AI chatbot helps shoppers find what they need & convert faster, and that too with a human-like touch.

Here at Manifest, we use AI to assist commerce. Tailored to Shopify brands, we recommend products, answer customer queries, and increase sales, all while keeping human intervention to a minimum.

Manifest helps your brand both to increase sales and also to automate support queries.

We support multilingualism, understanding and responding in numerous languages including English, Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese.

Within a minute, we can be set up and ready to go, doubling conversion rates and increasing shopping efficiency for a seamless customer experience.

Automate common support queries

Improve your agent effiency by automating the common agent queries. These queries can be related common order tracking, cancellation etc.

Seamless handover to gorgias

After AI when customers want to talk to an agent, we collect the customers email and a ticket gets created on gorigas

Train on gorgias tickets

Soon you would also be able to train Manifest on the tickets which are resolved by your agents on gorgias so that it can learn from them.