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The ecommerce automation platform exclusive to Shopify & Shopify Plus.
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Mesa helps your business do more with the top-rated automation platform specially created for eCommerce. Design workflows without a single line of code or use pre-built templates and add workflows into your daily operations. Mesa automates repetitive tasks so you can focus on what matters most: growing your Shopify store.

Provide better customer service
Customer expectations are at an all-time high. The sudden surge of e-commerce has shifted the battle for customer attention in the digital world. It’s not enough to respond to ticket requests. Companies have to be proactive and offer outstanding customer service.

Better understand your customers
Understanding your customers’ behavior and their wants and needs is the best way to boost sales. If you want to build a successful and sustainable business, you must convert one-time buyers to loyal customers. How to do that? Ask and listen.

Increase productivity & efficiency
Ecommerce businesses are constantly fighting with productivity and time management. The competition in the digital world is fierce, and the only way to stay relevant is by improving efficiency and creating an outstanding shopping experience. Ecommerce operations include some of the most delicate aspects of working in the digital realm, and they are the stepping stones to success in the digital age.

Connect disparate business systems
From your CRM to your CMS, enterprise resource planning (ERP), product information management (PIM), and other business software, integrated information is essential in achieving a complete 360-degree view of your customers. Manually collecting, managing, and sharing data from various systems and spreadsheets can be messy and unproductive. However, exchanging data internally or with a third-party vendor or partner doesn’t need to be a nightmare.

With this integration, you can: 

  • Reach out to negative reviews
  • Gather feedback after a purchase
  • Flag high-priority orders with next-day or two-day shipping
  • Follow sudden spikes in demand to balance stock and fulfill orders