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GPT-powered AI chatbot that learns from your help center
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30 days free trial with fully assisted onboarding, no credit card required 99 USD / month for the Grow Plan This includes: 1,000 tickets / month AI bot powered by GPT-3,5 AI training and optimization Dedicated support and guidance

GPT-powered AI chatbot that learns from your help center and Gorgias tickets.

Submit your online store URL at 👉 PerfectBot.AI 👈 to receive a custom demo.

PerfectBot will study your help center to learn your brand's voice and policies. Then, using GPT, it handles conversations in Gorgias chatbox as the always-on agent.

With PerfectBot, you can:

  • Provide instant answers to customer questions in your Gorgias chat, 24/7.
  • Focus on current issues instead of digging through tickets after weekends or holidays.
  • Start replying in seconds instead of hours or days.

Integrating PerfectBot into Gorgias, you can:

  • Upgrade your "Quick Responses" to AI-powered replies generated from your help center.
  • Supervise chatbot conversations.
  • Handle complex tickets reassigned from the chatbot to human agents

🤖 Over 9,000,000 chats automated for top eCommerce brands 🤖

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