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Making your returns instant and streamlined.
Get Started With Gorgias
Please contact Refundid for details. Pricing will vary based on return volume.

Make returns instant and streamlined for you and your customers with Refundid, the world's only customer-first returns platform.

The Refundid & Gorgias integration allows you to pull all customer return information directly into your Gorgias client. No more navigating to your Refundid dashboard—everything you need is instantly available (although not as instantly as our refunds 😉).

Keep your customer service team updated on every return so they can respond quickly to shoppers and provide all necessary information when needed.

Easily share return labels, link customers to start their return, track items returned, and much more without leaving your Gorgias client.

Easily pull return labels, view internal return notes, and jump directly to the return in the Refundid portal all from the Gorgias client.