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Sigma AI

GPT-based AI assistant to automate your customer support
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Paid plans start at $29 USD/month for the Starter Plan. This plan includes - - 100 AI-Generated Response Drafts - 1 Shopify Store Integration - Native Integration with your Gorgias Account. - AI trained on your historical tickets and info on Shopify store. - Multi-lingual support

Sigma AI is a GPT-based AI assistant designed to automate customer support on your Shopify store. Built specifically for the Gorgias app store, Sigma AI offers seamless integration with Gorgias and Shopify, enabling merchants to manage and automate their customer support tickets efficiently. Sigma AI generates responses to customer queries via chat or email by learning from past tickets, FAQs, help docs, and other third-party systems, ensuring accurate and personalized support.

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- Improve customer support by providing quick and accurate responses

- Reduce support agent workload and increase productivity

- Enhance customer satisfaction with personalized and on-brand responses

- Save time and resources by automating repetitive tasks

- Provide multilingual support, catering to a global audience


- Custom Integrations: Sigma AI offers native integrations with Gorgias and Shopify and can be customized to work with third-party applications like CRMs, ERPs, Shipping partners, and more.

- AI Learning: The app learns from your ticket history, internal docs, and third-party systems to provide accurate and contextual responses.

- Continuous Improvement: Support agent feedback is used to enhance AI-generated responses continuously, leading to better performance over time.

- Custom Knowledge Base - Sigma AI automatically builds a tailored knowledge base for your brand, ensuring that the AI understands your business and provides accurate responses in line with your needs.

- Writing Style Customization: The app learns your writing style from past tickets and uses it to draft future responses, maintaining a consistent brand tone and language.

- Multilingual and Auto-Translation: Sigma AI supports 15 common languages, automatically adapting and drafting responses in the appropriate language for incoming tickets.

- One-Click "Reply & Close Ticket": With a single click, your support agents can send the AI-drafted response, close the ticket, and move on to the next task, boosting productivity and efficiency.

- Help Desk Native Integrations: Sigma AI integrates natively with Gorgias and Shopify, with support for other platforms coming soon. The app can also handle Gorgias integration with multiple Shopify stores.

- Shopify Integration: The app retrieves information from your Shopify products and pages, using live prices and availability data to guide customers and boost sales.

Supported Integrations:

- Gorgias

- Shopify

- Custom integrations with third-party applications like CRMs, ERPs, Shipping partners, and more

Upgrade your customer support experience with Sigma AI, the ultimate AI-powered automation tool for you. Experience faster response times, increased customer satisfaction, and streamlined support processes with Sigma AI. Get started today and watch your support team's productivity soar as they tackle more critical tasks, while Sigma AI handles the routine inquiries. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your customer support game and stay ahead of the competition. Install Sigma AI now!

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