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A seamless, full-service subscription solution.
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From $99/month

Smartrr delivers a seamless, full-service subscription solution for growing D-to-C brands.

Through the Gorgias integration with Smartrr, you have access to:

  • Equip your team with the best customer service tools in one convenient location to increase customer satisfaction and drive customer loyalty
  • Smartrr’s native Shopify checkout provides consumers with an elegant and branded buyer experience alongside an industry-leading account management portal that empowers them to build a curated engagement with your brand.
  • Sync your customer’s subscription data with Gorgias and manage your customer support in a more efficient and seamless way.
  • Smartrr maximizes the lifetime value of your subscribers with best-in-class business management tools, including advanced analytics and a user-friendly admin portal, that unlock your brand’s potential as a recurring revenue engine.