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Yuma AI

The AI Support Agent for Gorgias
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The Starter+ Plan starts at $239 USD per month when subscribed annually. This plan includes: 2,000 tickets / month. Includes up to 15% of tickets fully autonomously automated.

👉 The AI Support Agent for Gorgias

In early 2023, Yuma became the first OpenAI GPT-powered assistant in the Gorgias App Store. We were pioneers then and remain the leaders in automating your Gorgias with AI.

Built for E-commerce & for Gorgias

Through our one-click install, Yuma has a native integration with Gorgias and Shopify right out of the box. We work seamlessly with Gorgias' automation tools and serve as a complement to automate more advanced inquiries. We support all text-based communication channels in Gorgias.

What's more, we can directly connect to your subscription manager or fulfillment service!

GPT-4 AI power with full control

By harnessing the latest advancements in AI technology, Yuma ingests every new ticket from Gorgias, then using its advanced intent detection rules specialized in e-commerce, it allows you to decide what should be done:

nothing, generate a draft, auto-reply or autonomously resolve the ticket.

With Yuma, you have the control to automate at your own pace.

True Automation = External Actions

Yuma goes beyond basic automated Q&A. We all know that many tickets require actual actions from agents, which is why Yuma has the ability to autonomously take actions.

Our Auto-Pilot agents are capable of following your custom processes and performing tasks 100% autonomously such as:

  • Managing orders
  • Managing subscriptions
  • Managing customer accounts
  • Troubleshooting
  • And much more

Trusted by 100s of Brands

Yuma is trusted by over a hundred leading e-commerce brands to automate their support and empower their support agents.

« The Yuma team has made sure all our concerns were addressed, and as a result, we have automated more than 25% of our ticket volume in just a couple of months, while maintaining an average review score of 4.8/5. »

Achieve 50% automation within one month

It's easier than you think. Start by setting up your first automation, monitor its performance, and then repeat the process.

With Yuma, you have the flexibility to begin at your own pace by automating the most challenging requests first. Afterward, you can monitor your progress and continue improving. Yuma offers clear metrics and an overview of your automation progress, as well as suggestions for your next steps to help you steadily increase your automation rate over time.

Brand Voice

You are unique. It's your brand, your voice, your style. Control how you write and sound on a per-channel basis. With Yuma, you can ensure that your support is always "On-Brand.”

AI Productivity Widget

While you iterate and automate your support through Yuma, we are still here to support you and help with non-automated inquiries. Yuma comes out of the box with a productivity AI widget for all your agents. Use it with Instruct to draft, summarize, translate, or ask ChatGPT for assistance.

Even without automating, Yuma helps you boost your agents' response time.