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Translation By Lingpad

AI-powered localization tool for quick multilingual support
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Unlock the Potential of Multilingual Support with Lingpad!

Get ready to harness the power of Lingpad and seamlessly navigate international markets. Empower your brand with the ability to provide unmatched localized customer support. Say goodbye to language barriers, cultural misunderstandings, and time-consuming processes. Lingpad is here to revolutionize the way you engage with customers across different countries!

While businesses rely on Gorgias to create outstanding customer experiences, what happens when customers require assistance in a language your support agents aren't proficient in? No need to fret! The Lingpad app for Gorgias is at your service. Drawing from our experience with esteemed clients like ABInBev, Rebtel, Veo, Renewtrak, Luxreaders, and more, we bring this expertise to our translation app for Gorgias. A testament to its effectiveness, Rebtel witnessed a remarkable 7.5% increase in its CSAT score and a staggering 100% growth in the volume of multilingual tickets.

Key Features:

  • The Power Duo - AI and Human Translations: Attain supreme-level translations with AI and Human translations with the Lingpad app for Gorgias.
  • Live In-App Notifications: Live in-app notifications to keep track of completed translations in order to save precious time in responding to your customer.
  • Custom Notification: Missed the in-app notification? Don’t worry! Enable the custom notification feature to receive updates straight to your inbox.
  • Detailed Order Analyses Dashboard: Receive periodic reports and data to monitor new and recurring languages, number of requests, cost savings, and more!