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We all know that a great customer experience is the the most important factor to turn visitors into long-term customers. And a great shopping starts always with an outstanding support, from the pre-sales questions to post-purchase requires.

But, how to do deliver a great customer support?

Well, the first thing is to provide multi-channel support. You have to be where your customers are: Facebook, Instagram, Email, Live Chat, Phone. This is way you won't miss any question. The second requirement is to answer fast. There is a high correlation between customer satisfaction and response time, so if you don't want lost a sales opportunity or a customer loyality you must be reactive.

The question is now who can I deliver fast and high quality support on multiple channels without increasing the size of your support team. This is the reason why more than 4,500 Shopify stores use Gorgias' helpdesk every day.

Let's see why.

Centralize All Customers Requests
In One Single Place

Signup on your Shopify help desk in 3 minutes.
Connect your Shopify Store in 2 clicks.
Integrate your support emails and your call software.
Connect all your social media accounts.
What's all! You're already receiving your first customer requests!

Answer To Customers Faster Than Ever

Use Templates

You can create as much pre-made responses as you want. The awesome detail of this feature is that you can include customer's variables from your Shopify store like customer first name, last order number, shipping details and so on.

Automate Answers

Create rules to answer common questions like "Where is my order?". Combining rules and pre-made templates allow you to answer automatically with highly-personalized answers.

Smart Answers Suggestion

Gorgias interprets the content of tickets to recommend you the most appropriate answer template from your library.

Message Auto-completion

In case you want to answer manually to a customer, the helpdesk make you writing faster by suggesting  the rest of your phrase.

But Here Is Where The Maggie Happens:
Our Shopify Integration

Perform Shopify actions from your Help desk

Update Shopify orders without leaving your helpdesk. Cancel, duplicate or refund an order in one click, but you can also update customer informations like shipping address.

Get a holistic view of you customers in your help desk

Display all customers information from Shopify into your help desk to avoid switching between Shopify back office and your help desk.

Personnalize each answer with Customer Information


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4.8 by +400 stores

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