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Textline is a business text messaging platform that empowers customer support teams by making it easy to send and respond to text messages.

Brands like 1-800-Got-Junk, Tuft & Needle, Stuart Weitzman, TriMet, and Live Nation use Textline to communicate with customers in a way that is fast, convenient, efficient, and accessible from anywhere. Make customers happy by adding a personal touch to your customer experience while lowering call volume and resolving more issues.

Integration benefits

Textline offers the best tools for customer support workflow, team collaboration, and process automation. Your team can share one or more phone numbers for responding to customer inquiries while easily managing multiple conversations simultaneously. Use features such as agent transfers, templated responses, scheduled messages, metrics, and more.

Textline's integration with Gorgias is designed to keep a record of Textline conversations by creating a ticket in Gorgias. Using the customer’s phone number, contact details can also be synced to Textline.

Textline can be configured to assign Gorgias tickets to the correct support agent when possible. When a conversation is claimed by a support agent in Textline, we use that agent’s email address to also assign the same agent to the Gorgias ticket.

Agents can respond to messages using the Textline website, mobile app, or Chrome Extension if they prefer to stay in the Gorgias tab. When a conversation is resolved in Textline, you can choose to resolve the corresponding conversation in Gorgias.  With this setup, if a customer texts in again, a new conversation in Textline will be created, thus creating a new ticket in Gorgias.

Tickets in Gorgias created by Textline will have a "Textline" tag and all ticket messages are sent "via SMS" so that Gorgias users can filter or pull reports as desired.