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Order tracking your customers will love.
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"Where is my order" complaints causing support headaches? Wonderment's order tracking platform prevents WISMO tickets by proactively notifying customers on the status of their shipment for better post-purchase experience.


  • Improve your post-purchase customer journey
  • Increase in-transit and delivery transparency for customers
  • Deflect "where is my order" (WISMO) tickets
  • Understand shipping performance and history
  • Respond to customers more quickly.

Use cases:

  • Transactional shipping notifications: communicate with customers about the status of their shipment via email or SMS.
  • Order lookup: Get one central view for all your shipments without having to jump around to different carrier websites.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Get month-over-month trends of your shipping performance.
  • Delayed shipment notifications: Spot problem shipments before the customer does. Wonderment finds orders that are stuck in transit or lost, so you can proactively notify the customer or your CX team.
  • Smart post-purchase flows: Only trigger product reviews after a package has actually been delivered.