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What Shopify theme is that? 

Have you ever come across a stunning online store that you just loved and wondered what theme the developer used to build it? Is there even a way to find out what theme a Shopify site is using? Fortunately for you, the development team at Gorgias has heard your call and we have taken action. Now, with the introduction of our new Shopify Theme Detector, you can find out which theme is being used on any Shopify store in just one click.

Are you an eCommerce store owner, a seller on another online marketplace, an internet marketer, a Liquid web designer, or just a curious onlooker? If so, use this new, invaluable tool to do competitive research or to help you determine which theme to use before you launch your own store on the Shopify eCommerce platform.

All you have to do is enter the URL of the store you like, click “Get Theme Name,” and Gorgias’ Shopify theme detector will deliver the name of the theme being used. You can then head on over to Shopify’s theme store, find the theme, purchase the theme that the store is using, activate it on your site, and customize it to fit your needs. Sounds pretty neat, doesn’t it? Well, go try it out for and see for yourself just how easy it is to discover what’s going on behind the scenes of your favorite stores.  

Is There a Way to Find Out What Shops are Using Shopify? 

Many people are asking if there is a way to find out what online stores use Shopify as their eCommerce platform. And, so far, there are some existing lists, but no full directory of shops hosted on the platform. Luckily, our Shopify Theme Detector provides an alternative solution. Rather than sift through difficult-to-navigate and incomplete lists or conduct countless Google searches, you can find out whether or not a store is using Shopify with the theme detector.

Simply enter the URL of the store in question and see if the tool delivers a Shopify theme name. If no results are delivered when you enter your query, you will know the store is hosted on another platform or using a custom implementation of Shopify. For example, the tool can’t deliver the name of a Wordpress theme (yet ;) ). While you won’t see a list of all existing Shopify shops, you can find your answer on a case-by-case basis. So, yes, now there is a way to find out what shops are using Shopify, as long as you know what store you’re curious about. For example, do you wonder if Osomwear is a Shopify store? Head up to the theme detector and enter the URL, then click “Get Theme Name” to find out. Go… try it now!

Our Pick of the Best Shopify Themes:

If you’re working to make a decision about which Shopify theme to choose, and you don’t have a specific online store in mind, you might be happy with one of these. Here are five of our favorites!

  1. Pipeline - $140

The Pipeline theme has a minimalist design with a parallax effect when scrolling. It looks great on all browsers and has the capability for outstanding UX for shoppers on a PC or a mobile device. This theme comes in three styles: light, bright, and dark. If you’re selling a large number of products and you want to showcase your brand with a large, modular layout, check it out. 

  1. Debut - Free

The Debut theme is designed to help you showcase your brand and products in a beautiful way. It is a free theme that is officially supported by Shopify because of its aesthetic appeal and customizable options. Use built-in product filtering and showcase multiple product images in a slideshow format for the ultimate eCommerce optimization. Choose from the default and light styles for control over your store’s vibe. 

  1. Showcase - $180

The Showcase theme enables you to use bold, beautiful, fullscreen imagery to promote and sell your products. Choose from four included styles: Beard, Native, Betty, and Luna. Ideally, merchants with a small catalog should try this theme as it allows you to fully describe your products with a variety of mediums. Use images, text, video, and a full-screen product gallery to give shoppers a 360-degree view of your products. 

  1. District - $160 

The District theme is perfect for showcasing featured products and collections to nurture sales. All three available styles -- District, Energy, and Coast -- will give you heightened control over your sales funnel. Promote what you want with built-in promotional banners, slideshows, and marketing pop-ups. This theme works well  for all sized online stores. 

  1. Venture - Free

The Venture theme was created for sports and outdoor brands with a large number of products. There are three styles to choose from: Snowboards, Outdoor, and Boxing. Enable product filtering, a single featured product, and promotional banners to sell more products and keep shoppers on your site. 

Here’s How to Use Chrome Inspector to Go Deeper Than Our Shopify Theme Detector Will Take You

Do you want to learn how to use Chrome Inspector to take your theme search deeper? Here’s what you can do. When browsing a site using Google Chrome, you can view the page source using Ctrl+u. Various lines of code will appear. Then, use the find function using Ctrl+f. Search for ‘shopify.theme’ to highlight the part of the page code that lists the page’s theme. You will see a line of code that looks like this: Shopify.theme = {“name”: “the theme name will be here”}. Once you have the name of the theme, you can then search the Shopify theme store for the theme this store is using. If you can’t find this particular theme in the theme store, chances are you’re looking at a custom-built template. If you’re lucky, the developer marked their work using their email address somewhere in the header. If so, you may be able to track them down and hire them for your own project. 

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