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Empower your helpdesk with ChatGPT
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Albus makes it easy for teams to access the information they need when they need it.

With Albus, you can build a comprehensive knowledge base from all your support tickets in Gorgias along with your data on Google, Slack, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Jira, Confluence, Notion, etc, and then use Albus's conversational chatbot to quickly find answers to your questions naturally and intuitively.

Albus is powered by GPT-4 and Cohere, two of the most advanced AI technologies available today, making it incredibly accurate, fast, and easy to use. With Albus, you can ask natural language questions and receive accurate, helpful answers in a conversational format.

Albus is perfect for teams that need to collaborate effectively and access information quickly. With Albus, you can:

  • Build a comprehensive knowledge base from Intercom and other apps like Google Driveᵀᴹ, Slack, Jira, Notion, etc.
  • Use Albus's conversational chatbot to quickly find answers to your questions
  • Customize Albus to fit your team's unique needs
  • Improve productivity and collaboration by reducing the time spent manually searching for information.
  • Monitor usage and performance with detailed reporting and analytics
  • Ensure security and compliance with enterprise-grade security features

Albus is easy to set up and deeply integrates into your Slack channels and group DMs. Install Albus today and start getting the answers you need, quickly and easily.

To book a demo: https://calendly.com/albus-sw/1v1-with-albus-team Ask up to 10 questions in your 7-day free trial. No credit card required.

Disclaimer: Albus is a language model built on top of OpenAI(GPT-4) and its knowledge is limited to the information that is available to it. It may not be able to provide accurate or up-to-date information, and its responses should not be taken as professional advice. We encourage you to verify any information Albus provides before relying on it. To report, please email us at albus@springworks.in