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Mirakl by Juble.io

Streamline support with Mirakl for Gorgias.
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Bring the power of multiple Mirakl marketplaces directly into your Gorgias platform with the Mirakl-Gorgias integration by Juble.io. Elevate your customer support experience by seamlessly integrating customer messages, order details, and marketplace information within Gorgias, empowering your support team to deliver exceptional service.

Key Features

- Retrieve Customer Messages: Effortlessly retrieve customer messages and inquiries from multiple Mirakl marketplaces directly into Gorgias. Stay on top of customer interactions and respond promptly to address their needs.

- View Order Details: Gain comprehensive visibility into order details and information for each Mirakl marketplace. Access order status, product details, delivery information, and more, all within your Gorgias interface.

- Make Informed Decisions: Empower your support agents to make informed decisions by having all the necessary information at their fingertips. With the Mirakl app, they can view relevant order details and customer information to provide personalized and effective support.

- Seamless Navigation: Enable click-through actions to navigate directly from Gorgias to the Mirakl platform. Access the specific marketplace and order information you need with just a few clicks, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

- Unlimited Marketplace Accounts: Manage an unlimited number of Mirakl marketplace accounts within your Gorgias environment. Effortlessly handle customer support for multiple marketplaces, providing a consistent and unified experience to your customers.

Get Started

To install the Mirakl app and start integrating your Mirakl marketplaces with Gorgias, follow these simple steps:

1. Click the "Install" button.

2. Link your Gorgias account to Juble.io. See https://docs.juble.io/helpdesks/gorgias/link-gorgias-account

3. Refer to our Add Account Guide for instructions on adding Mirakl marketplace accounts.

If you encounter any issues during the installation process or need assistance, please reach out to our support team at support@juble.io. We're here to help you maximize the potential of your Mirakl integration and deliver exceptional customer support.

Effortlessly retrieve customer messages from Mirakl marketplaces into Gorgias for prompt responses.

Gain comprehensive order details directly within Gorgias for enhanced visibility and efficient support.

Empower support agents with relevant order and customer insights in Gorgias for personalized assistance.