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SMSBump offers all the unique features to skyrocket your sales with the help of text message marketing.
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SMSBump enables D2C brands to automate entire customer journeys and consistently engage with shoppers in a more personalized way, to benefit from a 45% conversion rate and 25x ROI.

Integrating SMSBump with your Gorgias account will allow you to communicate with customers in a conversational way, providing them with a one-on-one experience and tailored support via SMS.

Use cases:

- Receive customer inquiries via SMS and easily answer them from Gorgias, centralizing your entire support system and cutting response times by up to 50%.

- Answer SMS inquiries directly in Gorgias and replies will be automatically sent back to customers as text messages, ensuring the entire conversation happens on one and the same channel.

- Automatically create tickets in your Gorgias support system whenever a customer responds to a text message.

- The conversation in the Gorgias support tickets will also be mirrored in your SMSBump account, in case you decide to continue with it there.

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