SMSBump offers all the unique features to skyrocket your sales with the help of text message marketing.

SMSBump, a Yotpo company, is the leading SMS marketing and automation solution for eCommerce brands.

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SMSBump enables D2C brands to automate entire customer journeys and consistently engage with shoppers in a more personalized way, to benefit from a 45% conversion rate and 25x ROI.

Integrating SMSBump with your Gorgias account will allow you to communicate with customers in a conversational way, providing them with a one-on-one experience and tailored support via SMS.

Use cases:

- Receive customer inquiries via SMS and easily answer them from Gorgias, centralizing your entire support system and cutting response times by up to 50%.

- Answer SMS inquiries directly in Gorgias and replies will be automatically sent back to customers as text messages, ensuring the entire conversation happens on one and the same channel.

- Automatically create tickets in your Gorgias support system whenever a customer responds to a text message.

- The conversation in the Gorgias support tickets will also be mirrored in your SMSBump account, in case you decide to continue with it there.

“Thanks to Gorgias, my customer service team has been able to increase customer satisfaction and drive customer loyalty.
Dave Szymaszek, Head of Customer Experience @ Marine Layer
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We’ve stopped hunting and matching Facebook users to customer accounts on Shopify. The information we need is surfaced so we can respond better and faster.
Guita Gopalan, Chief Revenue Officer @ Ellana
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“I like the pricing structure: in a startup, everybody should be an agent. Zendesk charges per agent. Gorgias' pricing is smarter.”
Danny Taing, Founder & CEO @ Bokksu
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“With all the Gorgias integrations, my team doesn't need to jump between tools. This has helped us dramatically improve customer satisfaction.”
Amanda, Director of Operations @ Darn Good Yarn
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