Next steps: Learn more about the Automation Add-on

The transition from mostly manual customer support to mostly automated customer support is an exciting one. In the future, customer service professionals will spend less time copy-pasting answers to repetitive emails, and more time building systems that improve customer experience and drive revenue.

The Automation Add-on is an exciting step in that direction — and it's only just beginning.

“I see a HUGE difference for my support. There is really a before and an after. I was also impressed with the speed of impact. The impact was immediate, I wasn’t expecting it to be so fast.” 

— Capucine Schahl, Customer Care Manager at Franklin Pet Food

If you want to learn more about the Automation Add-on and our vision for automated customer service, get in touch in one of the following ways: 

Need to get some optimize your Automation Add-on? Contact your CSM or, if you’re a Basic or a Pro customer, schedule a call with our automation consultants to get help. 
Are you a Gorgias customer who doesn’t have the Automation Add-on? Get an Automation Add-on demo to learn more about these powerful automation features. 
Don’t use Gorgias yet? Schedule a demo to learn more about our helpdesk, and how it helps ecommerce merchants like you provide an efficient, excellent customer experience.

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