Top 10 Integrations Used by Gorgias Ecommerce Merchants

Top 10 Integrations Used by Gorgias Ecommerce Merchants

Have you ever wondered how other leading ecommerce stores manage customer support, especially when they are using Gorgias? We love identifying these trends and wanted to see what integrations have been the most useful in our customers' ecommerce tech stacks so far.

In order to help you bring all your customer data in one place and offer truly exceptional, personalized support, here are the top 10 integrations being used by Gorgias customers:

  1. Email, specifically Gmail
  2. Gorgias Chat
  3. Facebook and Instagram
  4. SMS apps
  5. Klaviyo
  6. Recharge
  7. Phone, either our native solution or Aircall
  8. Yotpo
  9. Smile
  10. ChannelReply

1. Email, specifically Gmail

If you've been worried that email is becoming obsolete in the age of chat boxes and SMS support, don't be. Email is the leading support channel on Gorgias, used by 67% of customers.

This make sense. While faster, more instantaneous methods of communications are becoming common, email is still the primary channel to answer complicated support questions and send transactional messages like shipping updates, return logistics, and order/cancellation confirmations.

Of email integrations, Gmail is the leading provider with 59% of Gorgias customers having it active.

To learn more about our Gmail integration, click here.

2. Gorgias chat

Chat support is the second most common channel we see our merchants using, in order to offer real-time communication in addition to traditional emails or tickets. And thanks to our native chat integrations, it's easier than ever to launch a chat widget on your website.

57% of Gorgias merchants use our native chat integrations to offer real-time support.

This allows your shoppers to talk to an agent faster, but also presents a great opportunity to implement self-service options so they can help themselves. (Our Self-Service Chat Portal can help with that!)

3. Facebook and Instagram

Managing inquiries on social media and gaining insights into the conversations happening in those communities is te next priority for our merchants.

Over 50% of Gorgias brands are integrated with Facebook and/or Instagram.

Our Facebook integrations (which also includes Instagram) allows you to manage messages, comments, ad comments, and mentions as tickets in Gorgias. This gives your agents visibility into every conversation no matter where it happens, and empowers them to reply directly to shoppers without having to log into separate platforms or coordinate with your brand's social media team.

"The Gorgias-Facebook-Shopify integration is amazing. We've stopped hunting and matching Facebook users to customer accounts on Shopify. The information we need is surfaced so we can respond better and faster. Gorgias allows us to operate both ecommerce and social commerce business seamlessly." - Guita Gopalan, Chief Revenue Officer at Ellana

Read their story here.

Nervous about the quantity of tickets that would be created from integrating social channels with Gorgias? Don't be. You can use Rules to filter out comments your team doesn't need to worry about (like comments that only consist of emojis), or even auto-assign tickets to specify agents/teams so no one has to triage the requests.

4. SMS apps

Text message marketing has become an incredible revenue generator for ecommerce brands, but it also opens another new communication channel with your customers: SMS.

In order to make the most of SMS as a marketing tool, you also need to be ready to support it when customers reply back with questions. That's where Gorgias comes in; we integrate with SMS apps to help you connect your agents with shoppers sooner and collect all customer conversations in one place.

Over 23% of Gorgias customers are integrated with an SMS tool.

The top SMS apps connected to Gorgias are:

"Working with Postscript and Gorgias gave us the leverage to keep customers close to deliver the best possible customer experience. It is super helpful to have a full view of the customer, all in one-spot." -Eli Weiss, Director of CX at OLIPOP

Read their full story here.

5. Klaviyo

The next app on our list will help you collaborate with your marketing team to create a best-in-class shopper experience, whether they are interacting with the support team or receiving the latest promotion.

Klaviyo is an email and SMS marketing app for businesses that sell online. Our integration connects the two platforms, allowing you to use the data to create better campaigns.

17% of Gorgias merchants are integrated with Klaviyo.

With this integration, you can push Gorgias events into Klaviyo for advances and customer-centric email segmenting.

For example, here are some of the ways we've seen customers use the two tools together:

  • Promoting sales or new products to customers who had positive support experiences to drive upsell and revenue generation from support.
  • Excluding customers with open support tickets from promotional messaging campaigns.
  • Sending target coupons or discounts to win back customers who reported poor support experiences.

You can learn more about our Klaviyo integration or activate it here.

6. Recharge

The most common integration will help with subscription management, which is probably no surprise: Even with a great payment platform, subscription questions and transactions tend to result in a lot of support requests.

Recharge us a subscription and recurring payment platform for ecommerce sites, and helps you turn transactions into relationships.

15% of Gorgias merchants are integrated with Recharge.

Connect Gorgias and ReCharge for a simple way to manage customer subscriptions and customer service from one convenient location.

When you integrate Gorgias and Recharge, you can:

  • Display ReCharge subscriptions next to support tickets in Gorgias, to gather full customer context before replying to questions.
  • Cancel subscriptions, re-activate subscriptions, or refund a charge (either partially or totally) right from the Gorgias helpdesk.
  • Embed ReCharge data in your Macro replies to automate the most common support questions.

Click here to learn more about our Recharge integration.

7. Phone, either our native solution or Aircall

It's clear that digital support is the first priority for most of our merchants, as seen by email, chat, and social media being the top three integrations on our list.

Sometimes it's nice to have a real conversation with your customers, however, which is why phone integrations are next.

12% of merchants offer phone support.

Many use our Aircall integration, which is great if you need the advanced feature a dedicated tool like Aircall provides. If you're just adding phones for the first time, we released a native phone integration this year that's helping merchants begin to offer voice support.

8. Yotpo

Beyond answering customer questions, your support team may want to engage with reviews from shoppers in order to address issues, win back unhappy customers, and interact with your biggest fans!

Yotpo, a platform for ecommerce marketing and reviews, is great for this.

Over 8% of Gorgias merchants have activated our Yotpo integration.

The integration allows you to:

  • Display customer's Yotpo data un Gorgias customer Activity Sidebar such as loyalty points, provided ratings, latest reviews, etc.
  • Manage customer loyalty plans (change point balance, assign VIP tier, honor redemptions, and send rewards) from the Gorgias sidebar.
  • Respond to a question with an answer either publicly or privately as new tickets.
  • Moderate customer reviews (product and site) and questions from within Gorgias as new tickets.
  • Request reviews from a customer.

Click here to learn more about our Yotpo integration and activate it.

9. Smile

No one knows your shoppers quite like your support team, which makes an integration with a loyalty app a natural fit! is a favorite of Gorgias merchants, which helps you manage a reward program and build strong relationships with your newest and most loyal customers.

6% of Gorgias merchants integrate with

With this integration, you'll be able to see customer loyalty information right next to tickets in Gorgias, so every agent knows when they are talking to a new customer or one of your VIPs! You can also use this information to help triage tickets or separate ticket views by loyalty status (which is great for managing different levels of support SLAs).

To learn more about our integration with and activate it for your account, click here.

10. ChannelReply

If your shop sells on public marketplaces beyond your own Shopify store, the final app on our list is a must. ChannelReply helps you manage messages from Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

With our integration, you can then manage all those messages right from your helpdesk, eliminating the need for your agents to open different browser tabs for each platform.

Over 5% of Gorgias merchants use the ChannelReply integrations.

To learn more about ChannelReply and activate the integration for your account, click here.

And there you have it: The top 10 integrations with Gorgias in 2021! We hope this helps inspire you how you can use your helpdesk to offer exceptional, conceptual support and how to streamline the tools your store uses everyday to grow your business.

To get more ecommerce tool suggestions, check out our list of 150+ great tools. And to view all integrations with our platform, visit the Gorgias App Store.

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