AI Agent

Onboard AI Agent

To start setting up AI Agent, log into your Gorgias account. Head to the Automate tab and select AI Agent in the left-hand sidebar. If you have multiple stores connected, start with the AI Agent associated with your highest-volume store.

Update your Shopify permissions

First, ensure that your Shopify integration is updated before you begin. This is a crucial step for enhancing AI Agent’s performance because it grants access to Shopify fulfillment events, allowing you to address order-related inquiries. 

To update your Shopify integration: click on the link provided in the pop-up right below the Configuration tab. 

Learn more about how to update your Shopify permissions for AI Agent

Connect your Help Center and email

Once you confirm your Shopify integration is updated, connect your email address and Help Center to AI Agent in the Configuration tab.

To ensure that your AI Agent creates the most accurate and personalized responses for your customers, be sure your Help Center is up-to-date with your most common questions. 

We recommend that you publish 20 articles covering the following popular topics — you’ll find templates in your Gorgias Help Center settings:

  • Shipping and tracking
  • Orders and payment
  • Order issues
  • Product information
  • Account information
  • Subscriptions

As you can see in the image above, you can also link a URL (like an FAQ page on your website) to complement the knowledge in your Help Center.

Specify your tone of voice

AI Agent is an extension of your team and should speak like a representative of your brand. You can specify the AI Agent’s tone of voice with one of three preset voices (Friendly, Professional, or Sophisticated). 

You can also set a custom tone of voice, giving detailed information from your brand style guide including elements like emoji usage, key words and phrases to use, and much more. 

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