AI Agent

Adapt your CX team to AI Agent

Now that you’re up and running, get ready to see how AI Agent is going to level up your team and your CX! 

AI Agent will start to have an immediate impact on your CX. You’ll see:

  • First Response Times improve as AI Agent responds to emails within 1 minute. 
  • Resolution Time improve as AI Agent answers questions and performs updates in Shopify and other tool
  • CSAT scores likely rise, as customers are satisfied with these instant, helpful, on-brand interactions

With AI Agent, you can reduce 60% of the ticket volume handled by your team without adding any additional headcount, especially during peak seasons (BFCM). 

As for your team? AI Agent will make their roles more exciting as well. 

They won’t need to spend their time answering repetitive questions but can focus their efforts on the more complex issues, VIPs, and interactions that drive LTV. Among AI Agent users, job satisfaction has increased thanks to spending less time on these boring, repetitive support interactions. 

Get ready to make a larger impact as your team is free to launch new support channels, drive cross-sell and upsell initiatives, and spend more time creating a world-class CX that drives your business forward.

Select a team member to manage AI Agent

We recommend nominating a member of your team as the Automate Lead and have them set a target to reach a 30%+ automation rate. 

To reach that goal, the Automate Lead should review tickets on a regular basis to understand how to automate more kinds of tickets with additional Guidance, Actions, and Help Center content.

Below are a couple of resources to help your team maximize automation performance:

Need help convincing your team why AI Agent is right for your brand? Use this presentation

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