Track Automation to measure and improve

As you leverage automation, you’ll want to understand its performance to validate your work and find opportunities to improve. If you use Automate, you’ll get this information in easy-to-use dashboards.

You can understand your Automation rate (and other important ROI factors, like time and cost saved) in Automate Statistics Overview. You can track this over time in the Performance section to help understand growth and seasonality.

You can zoom into the performance of each Automate feature by clicking on Performance by feature in the sidebar. We recommend regularly revisiting this page to iterate on your automation strategy, tweaking or replacing low-performing automations and rolling out high-performing automations on additional channels.

On the Automate Performance by Feature page, you can also see the performance of individual Quick Responses and Flows.

With this information, you can understand which Quick Responses and Flows get used, and swap out any that aren’t. You can also see which of these Flows still end up with an agent contact, so you can try to find an answer that completely resolves the customer’s issue.

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