Track Automation to measure and improve

As you leverage automation, you’ll want to understand its performance to validate your work and find opportunities to improve. If you use the Automation Add-on, you’ll get this information in easy-to-use dashboards.

On the Statistics Overview page, you’ll see your overall automation rate alongside other key metrics like first-response time, resolution time, and customer satisfaction (CSAT) score. The overall automation rate is the portion of all customer interactions that get completely automated without any agent interaction. 

If you want to drill down into your automation performance, head to your Automation Add-on Statistics. Here, you can see how your overall automation rate breaks down by type of automation (Quick Response Flows, Article Recommendations, etc.), channel (Help Center, chat widget, etc.), and more.

Note: Your Add-on Automation Rate is different from your overall Automation rate in a couple of different ways:

  • Your overall automation rate includes automation features that aren’t in the Automation Add-on
  • The Add-on Automation Rate is the number of Automation Add-on interactions that require human interaction compared to the number that are completely automated. In other words, the overall automation rate compares automated interactions to non-automated interactions, whereas the Add-on Automation only looks at interactions that involve Automation Add-on features.

On the Automation Add-on Statistics page, you can also see the performance of your Quick Response Flows and interactive Flows.

With this information, you can understand which Quick Response Flows and interactive Flows get used, and swap out any that aren’t. You can also see which of these Flows still end up with an agent contact, so you can try to find an answer that completely resolves the customer’s issue.

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