Myths about AI & automation

Myths about AI & automation

Sometimes, merchants express concern about automating support. They’re afraid of stiff, unhelpful experiences for their customers. (And for good reason: Your customers deserve better than getting trapped in chatbot hell.)

Here are some of the common myths about automation (and what concerned merchants should know):

AI & automation lead to a bad customer experience

Actually, thanks to AI and automation, customers no longer have to wait to get the information they need to get on with their day.

Customers who automated up to 20% of their tickets saw a 1% increase in CSAT score. This automation impact also resulted in a 37% reduction in response times, 52% reduction in resolution times, and a 36% increase in repeat purchases.

However, it’s important to understand that automation is not a solution to every single question. Automation is best at delivering simple answers to repetitive questions. It can pull customer information, like order numbers or estimated delivery times, to give a personalized answer.

Gorgias Automate helps us to provide better CX. It’s easier to get their answers without contacting us now, even if we try to answer really fast. What’s great too is that we have some shoppers that don’t want to contact us — and now they can find the answers to their questions whenever they want.

— Capucine Schahl, Customer Care Manager at Franklin Pet Food

Chat increases tickets, and I don’t have the staff to handle that

Many of Automate's features happen in Chat, and some merchants think adding Chat to their site will drown them in chat tickets. Totally understandable, but this is a misconception because:

  1. Live chat is completely option with Automate. If you don’t want to offer live chat, you can still use Automate. Automate allows you to offer live chat or keep it automation-only.
  2. Automation resolves tickets without agent intervention. For example, Jaxxon immediately saw 17% fewer live chat messages after activating Automate.

If you’re worried about high ticket volumes, make sure you’re using Offline Mode (which deactivates live chat when your agents are offline) and Control Ticket Volume (which requires customers to use automation before sending a message) to limit the number of incoming chats. 

AI lacks personalization

Automate's AI Agent uses the latest model of GPT along with your store data, internal documents, additional instructions, and third-party app integrations. This way, AI has the full blueprint for speaking in your brand's voice, language, and tone.

To refine AI Agent's responses to customers, tweak the following settings:

  • Choose AI Agent's tone of voice. Make AI responses as on-brand as possible by selecting your preferred tone of voice, such as Friendly, Professional, Sophisticated or Custom.
  • Give AI Agent Guidance. The most effective AI has guardrails. Guidance are instructions that tell AI Agent how it should interact with customers, handle specific topics or inquiries, or when to escalate tickets to your human team.
  • Specify Handover topics. Not all topics can be resolved by AI. Use Handover to determine which topics AI Agent should escalate to your human team. These are topics like complaints, bad reviews, and time-sensitive questions like international returns.

AI & automation is great for B2C customers, not for B2B

As long as you're supporting customers, Automate is perfect for both B2B and B2C customers. AI and automation are simply tools to accelerate and provide better customer experiences — no matter your industry.

B2B brands will find the Help Center especially valuable to direct customers to a one-stop-shop self-service resource. You can bolster it with articles, videos, and even include Chat to provide instant support, order management, and article recommendations.

And Help Center directly improves your AI's responses. AI Agent learns from your articles to refine its product knowledge and voice. So, remember to regularly update your Help Center to keep information accurate for both your customers and AI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gorgias Automate?

Automate is a Gorgias product that provides instant, automated answers to common questions via your email, Help Center, and Chat widget. With Flows, brands can create automated Q&A chat interactions like product quizzes, FAQs, and more to quickly resolve customer questions. Automate's standout feature, AI Agent, is a conversational AI tool that uses your Shopify store and internal guidelines to respond and resolve customer tickets. Both features function without human agents.

How much does the Gorgias Automate cost?

Gorgias Automate pricing scales with your usage, just like the Gorgias helpdesk. Pricing starts at $30/month for 30 automated interactions and scales up to custom enterprise-level plans. One note: The more automated interactions you have, each one costs less and less. For example, 5,000 automated interactions per month is $2,500 (meaning each one is only $0.50, compared to $1.00 for the lowest plan).

What’s the fastest way to get results?

Use Flows and Order Management in Chat to drive your automated interactions. Both features are quick and easy ways to resolve repetitive pre-sales and follow-up questions.

Where did the 30% number come from?

We tested these methods with ecommerce brands and found they consistently achieved at least 30% automation when implemented. The top 5% of brands achieve up to 45% automation rate with Gorgias Automate.

How can I automate emails in my inbox?

Set up AI Agent, Gorgias's conversational AI assistant, which comes with Automate subscriptions. AI Agent can resolve inquiries within a minute by simply learning from your Shopify store and internal documents.