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Collection page campaigns

Collection page campaigns

When a shopper lands on a collection page, they’re likely in the market for a certain type of product but haven’t come for a specific SKU. You can set up campaigns on collection pages to give customers the guidance and information they need to find the right product.

Offer collection guidance

Use the following examples to help customers on collection pages to help customers find the right product within the collection. 

🎯 Primary goal: Help customers find the right product

💰 Expected revenue outcome: +0.2% revenue uplift per click

💡 Real example: Manduka offers 1:1 chat help

Manduka's chat campaign offers 1-on-1 help
Manduka's chat campaign appears after a customer spends more than 12 seconds on a page.

💡 Real example: Manduka links to a product guide

Manduka's campaign promotes their mat guide
Manduka's chat campaign settings

Incentivize specific products or bundles

An alternative approach is, rather than giving general guides to the entire collection, steering customers toward a certain product or bundle — with a discount for extra incentive. This can be a great way to boost AOV or move inventory on specific products. 

🎯 Primary goal: Steer customers to a specific product

💰 Expected revenue outcome: +0.2% revenue uplift per recommended product purchase

💡 Real example: Glamnetic promotes a bundle offer

Glamnetic chat campaign promotes their bundles
Glamnetic's chat campaign settings

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